Spring winds- time to check your insurance policy.                

Spring, the windiest time of the year in Melbourne, reminds us to check our insurance policy. We all remember last October’s fierce winds, leaving a trail of destruction across the Dandenong ranges. Those freak winds ripped up 9 trees on our property, demolishing our home, crushing 3 cars, many metres of fencing and left us…… Continue reading Spring winds- time to check your insurance policy.                


There’s so much more to life than what you see right now What looks hard, will get easier What challenges every part of you, helps you grow What brings out your fears, allows you to befriend them What seems impossible, makes you find another way What pushes you past your limits, shows you how capable…… Continue reading Hindsight


Home exists in my heart and kept alive in my dreams. Guiding each step and traces each footprint. Home never dies, never comes and goes Home is within, even if not yet seen Home is held in the earth, the stars, the wind and the trees Homes is breathed into by life Home creates feelings,…… Continue reading Home

Eyes open

The dust settles as the wind dies down Silence echo’s off my page Searching for words, nothing seems to want to come out Something has changed, the tone, the shape, the colour of life Everything looks different now I look back and see the path travelled With numerous twists and turns All bringing me till…… Continue reading Eyes open


Search for the meaning Open to the meaning Find your meaning Acknowledge your meaning Seize your meaning Savour your meaning Question your meaning Contemplate your meaning Accept your meaning Be your meaning Live your meaning Love your meaning Dance with your meaning Laugh with your meaning Cry with your meaning Rest in your meaning Bathe…… Continue reading Meaning

Day 301

The winds of change are sweeping through, clearing out the remnants of your storm. No longer in limbo, change is here and it is real- we can finally move on. Disbelief sat briefly with me while I watched it transform into peace, as the door on the pain and anguish closed with a thud. The…… Continue reading Day 301