Hi, I’m Angela Wilson, a master storyteller who loves connecting the dots of life’s gifts and lessons in a way that reveals a larger purpose. As a Certified Pilates Teacher and Life Story Coach, I gently guide clients on a unique and creative journey to explore the meaning of their own life stories, helping them make significant life decisions that honor who they truly are

Growing up in a loving family of five children taught me so much about myself and the world. From a small age, I learnt that when life gets too noisy and busy, find a quiet pocket of solitude to recharge. Mum and Dad would often not notice me sneak into the lounge room where they sat with their friends as they told stories of their lives. Much preferring their quiet company, I would be disappointed when I was discovered and told to leave.

Being a well-rounded student who loved to learn, I was always willing to give new things a go. I was the type of student to ask for extra homework just so I could continue to discover all I could. On the weekends, my brother and I would often take our bikes and ride till our legs ached. The freedom in movement and exploring life filled my childhood.

As a teenager, the frewriting-smalleredom faded as life got serious. When things got busy and noisy, I would walk the dog to clear my head and return to write in my journal to find answers. At high school, you would find me hiding in the dark room at lunch time or tucked into a corner with a notebook.

My love of learning took me through an undergraduate degree in media and sociology to a postgraduate degree in primary teaching. After landing my first teaching position, I became pregnant a few weeks later and had my first daughter in October that same year. Becoming a mother changed my life completely. Life began to get noisy and busy, in a whole new way. I walked many miles to clear my mind and to find the freedom I desired. I eventually went back to work just to have some independence.

With the arrival of my second daughter, life suddenly turned. Life around me was failing- marriages, miscarriages, addictions, illnesses and deaths. I felt the ripple effect. I found myself picking up my journal to process their stories – and with my heart pouring out onto the page, I found myself writing my own life story. It was if I had fallen into a pool of reflection, contemplating every moment of my life and turning it into a manuscript. And as I read back to myself every word I had written, I suddenly felt a deep connection to who I was and how I connected with my family and the world around me. It inspired a profound sense of purpose and freedom.

Since that moment of inspiration, I find myself writing in my journal every day, reflecting on my emotions and how they connect to the events in my life. I continue to explore this deep journaling practise through online retreats where I can find the space to let my heart write and find answers to life’s most pressing questions.

During my last journaling retreat in October 2016, a devastating wind storm hit my home and my community, changing my life forever. I found myself turning to writing to process the event and how it had impacted me, exploring the depth of my emotions. Each day as I wrote, my journaling practise grew deeper as I worked through the healing process in real life, both on paper and through my heart. I also turned to photography, reuniting with a lifelong passion that catapulted me back to my high school days of hanging out in the dark room. As I took pictures of the devastation, it softened through photographythe lens of the camera and eventually turned to art. Using these photos as writing prompts, short stories began to emerge as my inner writer’s voice took over and easily filled the pages of my journal. I noticed the words moving from my head to my fingers – and into my entire physical being as I began to walk my story, processing it through movement and exploring it through Pilates, which allowed me to ground it and be fully present for it.

It was this experience that led to the creation of my blog and my social media page, where I’ve been sharing photo’s and each week, reflecting on various themes that have presented themselves as learning opportunities. Beginning with the arrival of the windstorm and journeying through its aftermath, this reflection has given me a focus beyond the pain of our broken home. It has given me a chance to heal and move on, while honoring the deep emotions within me.

As you follow me here on my blog and through the process of creating a larger body of work, I hope you are inspired to explore your own life story, connecting the dots of emotions with life’s many events and eventually finding your own path of self-discovery and purpose.

Thank you for joining me here!

Angela xx