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This morning I awoke to the high pitch buzzing of mosquitoes right next to my ear. With my eyes closed I grab the air hoping to catch the annoying creature waking me at such an early hour. Slowly opening my hand the dull light shows a dark brown squished mess. Yes I got it! Wide eyed I turn to the alarm clock beside my bed flashing 6:00am. Up I spring knowing I can sneak in an hour to myself before any of the kids or husband rise. Creeping to the closet I silently slip on my walking gear, grab my journal and pen before duck out the door to begin the walk to my favourite spot down at the lake.

The sky is painted a musky orange and is reflected perfectly like a mirror on the calm, still lake. A flock of ducks are also anticipating the rising sun, “pshhhh” goes the water as they skim their way along before landing with such grace. The morning birds are singing a song high above me as I sit on an old tired log next to the water’s edge. Every now and then I see bubbles coming to the surface then pop, creating small ripples that slowly fade. The slither of bright light starts emerging from the rugged mountain in the distance. Wishing I had my camera, my words and memories are the only thing able to record this moment. I can already tell it’s going to be a scorching hot day by the way the sun is warming my face, blinding my eyes and baking the mud below my feet, giving off a musty scent.

Each breath of light this mesmerizing sun gives, the more energy I gain. The golden rays are shaped just like a halo spanning the entire horizon leaving me in awe with the world. The sun shines like a spotlight across the lake glittering like diamonds, I have this sunrise rising all to myself and I smile at the fact it’s rising just for me. This is one of those moments I knew I had to walk, I had to write it down and let the glory of light reset me to my core. Right here, right now I have everything I need in front of me. This is what life is about. This moment belongs to me and I belong to this moment.