A New Year and a new home. While we wait for the contracts to be signed and plans to go into council for the rebuild of our home, my focus is health and happiness. I gave up resolutions a few years back and now opt for themes for the year ahead. By doing something small each day towards my theme, by the end of the year I have achieved quite a lot and created many new habits.

Good health changes everything. Health has always played a major role in my life. Growing up I always played outside and rode my bike till sunset, coming home to a healthy home cooked meal. Healthy habits were ingrained in me from an early age- eating wholesome food, quality sleep, mental stimulation, emotional intelligence and movement were and still are the foundations of my life. I notice if haven’t moved as much, I am out of balance and am sluggish throughout my day. I notice if life gets too busy, I am out of balance and overwhelm creeps in. These symptoms are easier to catch and I consciously make good choices to bring me back into alignment to a life full of peace and ease.

Happiness goes hand in hand with health, it’s more than a feeling, it’s a way of life. Happiness is a culmination of fulfilment from a variety of different areas- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. When we are tap into these areas on a daily basis, we experience meaning and deep heartfelt connections. The sky is bluer, grass is greener and smiling naturally happens. I believe good health and happiness is important to living a sustainable life. Bioregional Australia also believes this and rates health and happiness as one of their top ten principles for One Planet Living. They “encourage active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well-being”

Health and happiness played a big part in how I coped the October 2016 windstorms and aftermath, enduring over 10 months in an insurance claim. For me to function at my best every day, no matter what I had to face, I made sure I took care of myself. I walked many miles processing what was happening and prepared many healthy meals to keep my energy up. I used writing and photography to capture my emotions, allowing my creativity to take over, giving my mind a much needed rest. With my focus on health and happiness, life has turned down an entirely different street, one I am amazed by. Life has deeper meaning. Relationships, career direction and decisions come from a place of ease.

So I continue this theme into this New Year. Letting good health and happiness be with me through my days, weeks, months, wondering where this year will take me. Knowing each little step in the right direction is worth taking.

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