Portia out window

There’s so much more to life than what you see right now

What looks hard, will get easier

What challenges every part of you, helps you grow

What brings out your fears, allows you to befriend them

What seems impossible, makes you find another way

What pushes you past your limits, shows you how capable you really are

What highlights your weaknesses, binds your strengths

What hurts like hell, gives you a lesson on love

What opens old wounds, brings a chance to heal

What is meant be, teaches you to trust

What forces you to change, opens you up

Takes you places you never knew existed

Giving you a chance to let go,

To start again

Until you have lived through it, you will never know

Hindsight is as valuable as gold

Portia tounge out


IMG_20161028_134026- resized

Home exists in my heart and kept alive in my dreams.

Guiding each step and traces each footprint.

Home never dies, never comes and goes

Home is within, even if not yet seen

Home is held in the earth, the stars, the wind and the trees

Homes is breathed into by life

Home creates feelings, moments and memories

Home shines through the darkness setting the truth ablaze

Home is given a voice through each word on this page

Come back, home beacons with such conviction and love

Homes destination exists here

I see it with my eyes

I hear its wisdom as I speak

Home is precious

And I remember it forever

Home is my reality


Eyes open

Eyes open

The dust settles as the wind dies down

Silence echo’s off my page

Searching for words, nothing seems to want to come out

Something has changed, the tone, the shape, the colour of life

Everything looks different now

I look back and see the path travelled

With numerous twists and turns

All bringing me till now

I have been here before, a familiar, welcomed unknown

There is no fear, no worry, no urgency

Just flow and grace in each step

An openness to what ever needs to come

Freedom speaks through each word

Pondering the life I’ve been given and paths I’ve chosen to go

I have grown so much

A multitude of lessons have been learnt

I turn to face my future, eyes of open possibility

Show many roads lay ahead

Standing here, I wonder which path to take

I go back to my page now filled with words,

Trusting life to show the way.

Hello spring!

Goodbye darkness of winter and those thick heavy coats. Hello spring in all your glory, I welcome your lightness back into my life. It’s been too long and I almost forgot how much I love having you around. You remind me to step out of the shadows and experience life exactly as found. I awaken to your glistening rays dancing to the song of morning birds. My spirits renew as each fresh breath connects me deeper to your essence. As if, for the first time, you show me trees in every shade of green. Your warm breeze carries a sweet familiar fragrance making everything come alive and I have front row seats. I’m in owe of life rising within, pulsating with your beating heart. Fully clothed I immerse myself into this new life you bring.