August issue 2017- Signpost 

I never really got the point of Winter. All the doom and gloom. The darkness engulfing any type of warmth or light, leaving us with wet, cold to the bones, windy days- used to get me down. By the last weeks of Winter I often thought I would never make it through. Being born an August baby I should’ve loved winter, nope not me. My first Winter memory was around 4. My family took a trip up the mountains to see snow. Dressed in my thick red coat with a fluffy hood and matching gumboots, I sulked all the way. Pulling up to the blanket of white, swallowing any trace of green, made my siblings shriek with excitement. A thick fog clung to me even before I stepped outside. The crisp icy cold wind made my eyes water, turning the tip of my nose red and numb. Everything looked wet and was, taking my first steps my feet slipped from under me and I landed on my bottom with a thud, the sting making me cry. Mum decided it was better if I sat down on a nearby bench. Sitting there with my wet, aching bottom, watching everyone laughing and playing in the snow, I didn’t get it.

Thirty years passed before I got why winter was needed. It was mid June 2012. On a wet, cold night I was heading out to an information session on Wellness. I hadn’t had a night off for some time as life was all about my kids. During the next two hours I was given time for myself to reflect. I felt the click, the click in my life when I got what winter was about. By taking this time to slow down, even those few short hours, to sort through my life and try something new- the lightness of summer returned within. I walked out that night a new woman, embracing the icy fog, enjoying the moon and the stars that shone up above me. Waking up the very next day I begun to write, the words pouring out of me. The more I reflected on the story of my life the more winter became my friend. The comfort of sitting in front of the fire, all rugged up in my fluffy pyjamas, ugg boots with a warm drink, reminiscing- reminded me the darkness is needed so I can enjoy the light.