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Dark clouds move swiftly through this week with such force and speed. No sign of a storm for the past 4 months I catch this one thundering across the horizon. Flash goes the lightning and I flinch with such ease. A deep rumble rolls the intensity of the storm up the hill. The darkness gains momentum and sucks any light away. I know it’s here by the howling screams of the wind trying to get in through the windows as the rain pelts down. The dog now glued by my side fretting and panting his hot breath against my leg. Darkness lets out a roar while the heaviness comes and goes in a flash. This unpredictable storm leaves me stunned. Wondering which way is up or down, right or wrong- it all blurs into one. Almost suffocating with pressure the rain finally eases as the dark clouds snap and move in another direction. Sitting down exhausted I go over what just happened. The past 294 days comes flooding back. This storm really stirred things up. I let it all settle by coming back to this moment and I focus. I remember whats important- my family, my home and our freedom. Our story, the reality of what we have lived is true and I tell it the only way I know how, just like it is. This storm brings change, I welcome it’s momentum to get things sorted, we want to move on too.