Day 238


I never really got winter, all the doom, the gloom and darkness used to engulf me. Melbourne with its wet and cold windy days, chilled me right to my bones. A thick heavy fog clung till the very last day.

Then I moved to the hills and everything changed.

Each morning I wake to the freshness of the day. No longer afraid to spend time with the dark. I venture out into the fog that drifts across the landscape. It brings stillness as the blanket of white leaves mist in its wake. The icy wind rattles me from my sleep as warm puffs of breath escape. Loud tones of winter so deep, earthy browns and bright greens glisten in the white winter sun. I get to wear my thickest coat, keeping me snug and warm. The comfort of our wood fire compliments my warm tea. As the calendar flips to June, the pace of life slows down and my priorities change. I automatically go in reflection mode and assess life, hence a word a day. Knowing so much has happened this last year, I surrender to winter and hold hands with the dark, remembering it is needed so I can find the light.

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