I heard about this magic place that peaks this time of year.  Evergreens line the entrance, masking what I am about to see. The earth is soft and moist as I tread quietly through the shaded thick green canopy. Stepping into an opening I am welcomed with bursts of light, escaping through the bare trees. The naked branches shiver as I easily count the leaves. Coming to a stop I catch my breath and take in my surroundings. The feast of earthy Autumn, gold and rusty copper, as far as the eye can see. An icy wind sweeps the fluffy white clouds across the bright blue sky. A deceptive chill nip’s my mind awake, suggesting Winter’s on its way. Looking over my shoulder as the breeze dances with the trees, the leaves flutter till they burst off, breaking free. My pulse matches the rhythm of the forest as I transfix to each golden leaf falling softly to the ground like confetti. They lay to rest and I get lost in the sea of leaves. Not a peep is heard from the birds that flitter from tree to tree. The freshness of life fills my lungs as I take on the wisdom of what I see.