Dear wind,

I can hear you gently tapping on my window and whispering my name through rustling leaves. You have my full attention every time you blow right near. You came into my life so fiercely and pounded everything I knew right into the ground. Were you angry that life got busy and a little out of hand? Standing there staring at the devastation- with no choice, no chance to resist- you brought me back.

You made me see what mattered. All the cars, the stuff could be replaced and the house rebuilt too.

You helped me find strength to get on with life and stand up for what I believe.

You have shown me what it means to love hard and keep each other safe.

You have shown me how much help I do have and how truly supported I am.

You have shown me what life is really about and to let the other stuff go.

You showed me how to trust with pure and utter faith, that everything will be ok.

You have shown me how strong and resilient as a family we are.

Pushing us forward into our dreams.

You gave us a second chance and we hold it close to our hearts.

I thank you for this wake-up call.

I promise do things right.

To savour each moment, to be grateful for what I have.

Please understand I have heard you loud and clear. From now on a gentle tap on the shoulder is all I really need.