pixlrDarkness surrounds me as my eyes tightly close forming wrinkles on my nose. Making sure I don’t peek his hands wrap over my eyes leading the way. Holding onto his forearms I trust his guidance, he has always put me at ease. I giggle like a school girl at the suspense and anticipation of what he is about to show me.

My feet crunch on stones and then softly tred on soft grass as we come to a stop. This means we are past the driveway and standing somewhere near the house. Probably close by our favourite Australian maple tree. The kookaburras have joined us high in the gum trees, laughing too. A soft breeze takes the warm February sun’s heat away, making this a pleasant afternoon.

When he whispers “You can open your eyes now” and he peels his hands away. I keep my eyes closed for a second more, really taking this moment in. Brightness floods in as I slowly adjust to what he brought me here to see. A small smile begins to creep out the corners of my mouth then taking over my face. Wet tears automatically stream down my cheeks as a squeal of delight escapes. I have never been so happy to see fresh, musty, dark, grainy brown dirt. All the heaviness and damage has been cleared away. Open space replaces where the house used to be. Turning to him I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him in closer to squeeze the life out of him. Looking in his gunmetal blue eyes, they are teary too. He presses his warm lips against mine and softly seals this moment. Laying my head against his chest, we both sighed together, we are safe. We survived a tree landing on our house. We survived over 4 months dealing with insurance, then with the bank. We finally have our life back. We can officially start again.

Beep…beep…beep blares my alarm clock, jolting me from my sleep. While I rolled over to hit snooze and fall back on my pillow, I wipe my cheeks still wet from the tears. A small smile begins to creep over my face as I whisper “Thank-you”.