Over 100 days since you came into our life.
Consuming thoughts and conversation.
Defending our rights, our home.
A heaviness has set in.
Almost at breaking point, weathered by your storm.

I had to break free.
To touch the ground.
To gain perspective.
To capture beauty beyond words
Fill my senses with fresh air by the sea.

There is something about that salty air, breathing in the ocean awakens my lungs. Drinking the rays of the sun, relaxes my muscles, slowing my heart rate down. The hot sand stings my feet, quickening my stride till I reach the dark cool wet shore that squishes between my toes, leaving my print on the world. Inviting blue turquoise water mirroring glistening light above, I shade my eyes as I look to the sliver horizon scattered with many boats bobbing up and down. Silky white swept clouds stroke the sapphire blue sky canvas. Gentle lapping of soft crashing waves on the golden shoreline, scattered with tiny white shells. Constant, soothing and rhythmic. Bringing my heart and soul back to life.
Be me…
I want to stay here for ever
Run away to the sea.

I have to go back.
Finished what we started.
Prove what we know is right.
Cracks are forming in your story.
The first sorry marked a turn of the tide.
We go with this change and ride this breath with fresh air by the sea.