Day 91


A gustly wind picks up from the south. Bringing a cool stiff breeze. Twirling leaves rustle as silence suddenly stabs the back of my neck sending goosebumps down my spine, covering my skin with small sharp prickles
The waiting is over.

My stomach sits in my throat, pounding thuds my head, my breathing becomes short and shallow. Blank nothing fills a tasteless world. Time slowly ticks over each word of your proposal. Tick…tock, tick…tock. An echo in my left ear “Mum, MUM” snaps me from my daze.

Life was quite ordinary till this moment and we lived through this experience. We left this space open without trying to turn it into something it’s not. It’s more than just stuff. This is our retreat, our safe zone, our home. We defend our existence within this space.

The power of nature has woken us up to what matters. It has shown us what it can do. We question the house left standing. It all has been affected too.

It’s not over yet.

The wind shifts to the north as a warm soft breeze whispers the words that fall onto my page. Stand tall, be brave and let our voices be heard. We are the one’s who have to live in this final decision.

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