Day 112

  112 days ago we witnessed devastation as change cut through our life. It seems like a distant memory now, laying in the back of our minds. The hardest days are almost over. The vortex of waiting is dying down. We love our home away from home and have settled into our new life. We have…… Continue reading Day 112

Day 105

Over 100 days since you came into our life. Consuming thoughts and conversation. Defending our rights, our home. A heaviness has set in. Almost at breaking point, weathered by your storm. I had to break free. To touch the ground. To gain perspective. To capture beauty beyond words Fill my senses with fresh air by the…… Continue reading Day 105

Day 98

  Chase the light The still of night, cool and fresh all over my skin My arms wrap around the small of my waist to keep the warmth in Rustling and cracking catch my attention A deep bark echo’s through the air An array of dark shadows fill my view Scattered clouds silently sweep by…… Continue reading Day 98

Day 91

A gustly wind picks up from the south. Bringing a cool stiff breeze. Twirling leaves rustle as silence suddenly stabs the back of my neck sending goosebumps down my spine, covering my skin with small sharp prickles The waiting is over. My stomach sits in my throat, pounding thuds my head, my breathing becomes short…… Continue reading Day 91

Day 84

I’m sorry you had to be a part of the devastation. I’m sorry your innocent eyes had to see the damage. I’m sorry your ears are now sensitive to the howls of the wind. I’m sorry your heart was broken just like our home. I’m sorry your world was turned upside down. I’m sorry things…… Continue reading Day 84