Hollowing emptiness settles over me as I make my way up the tree lined driveway. There is no connection to the devastation anymore. My eyes have adjusted to the shock and my heart is numb. Finding the combination on the lock comes easy. To step over what once was our home is nothing. Long, rough, coarse and unkempt grass is yellowing from the intense sun, browning in patches is now normal. My mind wants to dream up something grand, something new to fill this space yet the darkness that lingers grabs a hold of any ideas dragging them back down to the depth of the cold dark soil below. The smell of our moudly home wafts out the broken windows and through the exposed walls of the place we used to live. I have no desire to go inside.

Pulling my camera from my black shoulder bag I begin to take photo’s to soften my view. They all look the same. Nothing has changed.

Disappointment echo’s through the stillness as I pack away my things and prepare to leave. Something familiar catches my attention and I am stopped in my tracks. The faint music blaring from a shed in the distance. Kookaburra’s cackling to each other on a branch above. The soft rustling of the trees. The barking of the dog next door. A soft smile breaks from the sides of my mouth. As I catch the last glimmer of hope glistening through the tree tops. I am taken back, back to the sounds of home.