Stones grind under the soles of my warn in dark grey hiking shoes as they crunch their way along the abandoned closed off road that stretches on for miles ahead, winding it’s way around like a snake. Perched high above the tree tops two steep embankments covered with crushed grey jagged boulders sparkle in the sunlight. Each one perfectly placed to create a secure wall to hold our precious water supply.

A gust of wind picks up my chin to take in the panoramic views of my world. On one side there are rolling hills of thick bush-land in every shade of green, scattered with white farm houses and pockets of lush land. While the other shows a skyline-silver reservoir with soft curly white tips lapping the thick dark green tree lined bank. A broad span of white fluffy clouds tucks in behind the view, acting like a warm blanket giving today a topical touch to the skin.

My pace quickens as each stride clears another word from a recent phone call. 10 weeks waiting for the verdict of our broken home has surely tested every inch of patience and co-operation we can muster up. Each phone call stirs up pain numbed by life.

We have moved on in our hearts and our eye’s need to do the same. My breath becomes shallow as the smell, loneliness and trace of devastation strangles my lungs. Coming to a halt I lean my forearms on the cool wired fenced. Gently closing my eyes the soft scented embrace of summers breeze swirls around me. Filling every inch of my being with right now, strengthening, grounding my presence. The frolicking of small swallows dance with the sweeping breeze as it tosses my hair about, tickling my nose. Golden sun kisses on my exposed skin. The gentle lapping of the waters edge and the deep buzzing of dragonflies brings me back.

Peeling open my eyes after what feels like forever. The flood of light gives me hope.  Beauty that surrounds adjusts my perspective. Like a horse drawn to water, I needed this walk today. My gaze is drawn to the road left ahead, with a short sharp huff of new life, I turn to face it. I am ready to go again.