Day 77

Hollowing emptiness settles over me as I make my way up the tree lined driveway. There is no connection to the devastation anymore. My eyes have adjusted to the shock and my heart is numb. Finding the combination on the lock comes easy. To step over what once was our home is nothing. Long, rough,…… Continue reading Day 77

Day 70

Stones grind under the soles of my warn in dark grey hiking shoes as they crunch their way along the abandoned closed off road that stretches on for miles ahead, winding it’s way around like a snake. Perched high above the tree tops two steep embankments covered with crushed grey jagged boulders sparkle in the…… Continue reading Day 70

Day 63

A familiar warmth wraps around these sleek slender rectangle plates as I pick them up from the stranger we no longer call home. My fingers gently trace over the smooth raised white letters while my mind falls into the depth of blackness surrounding their last memory, still etched on my eye lids. With no warning…… Continue reading Day 63

Day 56

Day- 56 The cool breeze of night gently taps me on the shoulder, ushering me to the window, her show is about to begin. I can tell by the exquisite brightness escaping the edges of the curtains, we are in for a good one tonight. Slowly pushing the light tan fabric to one side, my…… Continue reading Day 56