Day 49- Life flows as moments of time are captured. Moments that change you forever. Our moment lays beneath the debris, trapped. The house exposed to the elements, stands still, frozen as the thick dark green blades of grass take over. The stench of wet, mouldy carpet stings your eyes and hits your nose as delicate webs lace your welcome at the front door. This is no way to see our home. To leave it there frightened and alone while we move on carves deep gashes in our hearts.
We flow with lifes moments, staying strong as the current leads the way. We keep our heads above water as we strip back what used to weigh us down. One by one sinking as it dissppears to the dark muddy depths below. Floating on possibilities creates space we crave. The space to take long wide strokes and big powerful kicks propelling us forward. We listen with our eyes as they dance on the surface and dive below. Looking, waiting for our chance to saturate our skin soaking in closure, when it’s time.