Day 42- With the house vacant and waiting, we are left hovering between two stories. The old story hangs around in the dark shadows. It yanks and pulls you into a deep black fog of devastation, confusion and despair, sticking to you like glue. While the new story gently guides you to a lush green patch of life seen through a bright lens of discovery and new perspectives.
We are reminded by the chirping sounds of early morning birds, all wanting their songs to be heard, it’s time to move on. The crisp blue cool morning air refreshes and invigorates our senses. The bright yellow warm light fills our day and the perfume of spring tickles our nose. Standing under the expansive oak with it’s wings out stretched, delicately hugging the golden rays of the morning sun. Taking in it’s beauty, we stand bare foot on the wet, cold grass as the space between our toes moisten. We breathe in the depth and freshness of our new story filling both lungs like full strech of a balloon. We slowly sigh out the old story, allowing our eyes to close as it’s taken away in a soft gentle breeze.