Day 28


Day 28- Life blows gently with the breeze. Moving us along. Even if the way it takes us wasn’t quite how we expected. All we can do is flow with it. Each time a gust picks us up and twirls us around. We always land on our feet, finding our way.
A new kind of normal sets in. Reminders of what used to be scatter our surroundings. As we move through the motions, feeling our way. The one familiar thing that keeps us together, following us is an unspoken bond of family.

2 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. I hope you don’t mind Angela but Karin forwarded the link to your blog.
    It must have really been a frightening experience for you all. We all value our homes as a place of safety and security and to have that wrenched from you in those circumstances is hard to comprehend. I lived though the devastation of the Ash Wednesday bushfires at Lorne 30 odd years ago when I first migrated and the devastation to lives and property had a profound affect on me. My in laws live at Menzies creek and explained the sounds and hollow silences when the storms hit the hills a while back. I’m glad that you have found some solace in your very talented writing. You must have been a rock to your family during and since that experience. I hope you find the road back to normality is littered with good fortune and many happy times. If I can do anything to help you and your family please let me know. Good luck and take care Malcolm Walker


    1. Yes that is fine for my blog to be passed on. It was a frightening experience, one that I am glad I am able to capture in words and pictures. I am sorry to hear you were a part of Ash Wednesday, a thing like this must really stick with you. I hope your in laws place was ok. The school was hit and so was the kinder. We are finding each day easier to move on.

      It was lovely to hear from you.

      Hope you and your family are doing well.



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