Day 49

Day 49- Life flows as moments of time are captured. Moments that change you forever. Our moment lays beneath the debris, trapped. The house exposed to the elements, stands still, frozen as the thick dark green blades of grass take over. The stench of wet, mouldy carpet stings your eyes and hits your nose as…… Continue reading Day 49

Day 42

Day 42- With the house vacant and waiting, we are left hovering between two stories. The old story hangs around in the dark shadows. It yanks and pulls you into a deep black fog of devastation, confusion and despair, sticking to you like glue. While the new story gently guides you to a lush green…… Continue reading Day 42

Day 35

Day 35- All traces of the tree have been removed. The dark green bushy canopy mulched and spat back out. The solid brown trunk with it’s rough flaky bark carved up, stacked and stored for next winter. The round stump cut off smoothly at the ankles and tangled roots exposed for the world to see,…… Continue reading Day 35