Day 14- Exactly 2 weeks since that windy day at the Wilo’s, the moment that instantly changed the course of our lives.

Haunting 120km gusting winds kept rolling in like tidal waves. Each one taking your breath away as it roared furiously through the tree tops. The high pitch scream making leaves and branches explode off the tree. A big gum had fallen silently to the soft soil bowling over another on it’s way and mangling our steel playground. Thinking it was safer inside, we assessed our options. A dark shadow caught our eye, time stood still as we heard the scratching of fingernails down a blackboard.

“Get out”.

Scooping up the closest child we bolted out the door. Squinting like we hadn’t seen light for days we did a head count making our way around to the back. First we saw the roots ripped clean from the earth, then the thick wide trunk as the rest of the damage disappeared around the corner. Kids tight grips as they clung to my hips and legs crying, sobbing hysterically all I could do was bring them in closer.

“Oh no the cars”

With kids still attached we made our way around to the front. Long octopus limbs fanning out and green tentacles filling the space where 3 cars had been swallowed up.

Standing there stunned amongst the chaos, silence fell within as I chose to breathe.